Our Journey So Far...

Throughout history men and women have adorned their bodies and homes as a reflection of their spirit and identity. Husk celebrates this ceremony by travelling the world curating exotic, eclectic and artisanal treasures.

Make the time. To breathe. To be still. To contemplate. To give back to yourself. In every culture a vast array of herbs and botanicals have been passed down through generations. The wonder of herbs and botanicals is that they support the natural healing process in your body.

Reawaken and rejuvenate the senses with our sensory range, created using unique blends of essential oils exclusive to Husk. 

Our candles combine these fragrances with notes of smoke, earth and wood. Featuring black glass, washable paper and packaged in cedar wood cylindrical cannisters these vessels reflect the values of our brand and add warmth and harmony to your living spaces. 

Husk’s luxury selection of soaps are made with a base of cocoa butter, unique oil blends and are gift ready in hand sewn washable paper packaging. 

Apothecary jars house bath oils, bath salts and essential oils which complement our body lotions and hand washes to provide luxury and ceremony in your everyday. 

Organic herbal teas made using our unique blends of meticulously harvested botanicals contribute to the holistic ethos of Husk – taking inspiration from nature and nurturing what is within.