1x Deluxe Pack (Inc. GST)


1x Deluxe Pack (Inc. GST)


Our sensory Deluxe Pack includes:

6X Agadir Hand And Body Wash

6X Ankara Facial Mist

6X Agra Candle

6X Casablanca Candle

6X Jordan Candle

6X Sorrento Candle

6X Izmir Room Mist

6X Marrakesh Room Mist

6X Izmir Fragrance Diffuser

6X Marrakesh Fragrance Diffuser

1X Tester Agadir Hand And Body Wash

1X Tester Ankara Facial Mist

1X Tester Agra Candle

1X Tester Casablanca Candle

1X Tester Jordan Candle

1X Tester Sorrento Candle

1X Tester Izmir Room Mist

1X Tester Marrakesh Room Mist

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